Office of the Commissioner's role in the fight against maltreatment

With the help the Act to combat maltreatment of seniors and other persons of full age in vulnerable situations, the Office Service Quality and Complaints Commissioner is a point of contact for the community on the CIUSSS West-Central territory to denounce any situation of maltreatment towards a vulnerable adult. Whether you, yourself, are the victim or witness of such situation, know that the Office of the Commissioner or your neighborhood police are here to listen to you.

To report an act of maltreatment or abuse to the Office of the Commissioner, you do not need to be a user of health and social services. Our role is to report the alleged abuse to health and social services authorities or to the police. All reports made to the Office of the Commissioner remain confidential.

To learn more about maltreatment, visit the page about Fighting against maltreatment.

Go to the form to denounce maltreatment situations.

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