Alexandra Hejazi

Alexandra Hejazi is passionate about pediatric physiotherapy, a specialty that has enabled her to work in the Palestinian Territories and Uganda, before moving to Montreal in late 2018. She did so, after earning a physiotherapy degree (B.Sc.) in 2014 from St. George’s University in London, England.

Alexandra has since been working with clients under the age of 24 who have a variety of conditions, such as cerebral palsy, developmental coordination disorder and global developmental delays. Her main goal is to help her clients to maximize their autonomy at home, at school and in the community, and to participate in activities that are important or meaningful to them.

"I’ve always wanted to support people on their journey to recovery and rehabilitation,” she says. “I believe that quality health care is a human right and should be available to all. My professional practice is more than just a job: It’s a passion."

The Mackay site of the Lethbridge-Layton-Mackay Rehabilitation Centre is known for the inclusive care that it provides. Its team of professionals has a holistic vision, with the client at the centre of everything that is accomplished. Teamwork is essential. According to Alexandra, working closely with colleagues is the best way to provide clients with the support they need, and for members of staff to learn from one another.

"Every day I learn something new from my clients and their families,” Alexandra adds. “No two days are ever the same. Each client—with their own particular needs and wishes—is different, and this has enabled me to develop my skills and be creative in solving problems."

The effort that Alexandra has applied to physiotherapy has helped many young adults regain their independence over the years. Having one of her clients enter university is undoubtedly among her proudest moments as a professional.

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