Frontline Integrated Services

Director of the Frontline Integrated Services - Interim
Christine Touchette

Associate Director, Child and Family, Birthing Centre, Youth and Asylum Seekers (PRAIDA)
Robert Gervais

Associate Director of General Services, Info-Santé/Info-Social and GMF-R-U
Kahina Slimani

Assistant to the Director
Dominique Dufour

Clinical Polarization Team
Program Manager - Info-Social
Patty Ferraresi

Person in charge - Birthing Centre
Maëcha Nault

Coordinator - GMF-R-U and GACO
Irina Blumer

Coordinator - Youth Services and Maisons bleues
Le Ngoc Lam

Coordinator - Public Health and Partnership
Valérie Lahaie

Coordinator - General Services - Interim
Maryse Tremblay

Coordinator - Clinical PRAIDA, Asylum Seekers and Refugees Clinic and Refugee Health Check - Interim
Marie-Eve Boulanger

Coordinator - Info-Santé, Associate Nursing and Medical Guard, General Services Cavendish and Info-Social
Paula Yiannopoulos

Program Manager - Nursing, Asylum Seekers and Refugees Clinic, Refugee Health Check, Accommodation Sites and Administrative Officers - Intérim
Farah Datus

Program Manager - GMF-U Village Santé
Daniel Tran

Program Manager - Clinical - Intérim
Lyne Di Staulo

Program Manager - General Services CLSC de Parc-Extension
Martine Dugazon

Program Manager - School, CIUSSS Healthy Environment and Integrated Screening and Prevention Services
Ludmilla Duplessis

Program Manager - Info-Santé
Patty Ferraresi

Program Manager - Child-family-youth CLSC Métro and Parc-Extention and regional files
Audrey Gaboury

Program Manager - FMG
Marie-Christine Gras

Program Manager - FMG
Anthonie Grondin

Program Manager - GMF-U Herzl
Mina Ladores

Program Manager - Child-family-youth Côte-des-Neiges et Maisons bleues
Cristiana Anghelescu

Program Leader - Info-Santé, Associate Nursing and Medical Guard and Auxiliary Guard in Health and Social Services
Geneviève Bérard

Program Manager - CAP General Services CLSC de Benny Farm
Giovanni Miliani

Program Manager - General Services CLSC Métro and René-Cassin
Boramey Pech

Program Manager - GMF-U Village Santé
Bernadette Thibodeau

Program Manager - General Services CLSC de Côte-des-Neiges
Maryse Tremblay

Program Manager - Child-Family-Youth Cavendish and CIUSSS Youth in Need
Elliot Zeiniker

Program Manager - Info-Santé - Intérim
Patty Ferraresi

Program Manager - GMF-U Herzl

Senior Advisor - PRAIDA and Partnership
Alexis Jobin-Théberge

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