Frontline Integrated Services

Director of the Frontline Integrated Services
Christine Touchette

Associate Director, Child and Family, Birthing Centre, Youth and Asylum Seekers (PRAIDA)
Robert Gervais

Associate Director of General Services, Info-Santé/Info-Social and GMF-R-U
Kahina Slimani

Assistant to the Director
Dominique Dufour

Clinical Polarization Team
Program Manager - Info-Social
Patty Ferraresi

Person in charge - Birthing Centre
Maëcha Nault

Coordinator - GMF-R-U and GACO
Irina Blumer

Coordinator - Youth Services and Maisons bleues
Le Ngoc Lam

Coordinator - Public Health and Partnership
Valérie Lahaie

Coordinator - General Services - Interim
Maryse Tremblay

Coordinator - Clinical PRAIDA, Asylum Seekers and Refugees Clinic and Refugee Health Check - Interim
Marie-Eve Boulanger

Coordinator - Info-Santé, Associate Nursing and Medical Guard, General Services Cavendish and Info-Social
Paula Yiannopoulos

Program Manager - Nursing, Asylum Seekers and Refugees Clinic, Refugee Health Check, Accommodation Sites and Administrative Officers - Intérim
Farah Datus

Program Manager - GMF-U Village Santé
Daniel Tran

Program Manager - Clinical - Intérim
Lyne Di Staulo

Program Manager - General Services CLSC de Parc-Extension
Martine Dugazon

Program Manager - School, CIUSSS Healthy Environment and Integrated Screening and Prevention Services
Ludmilla Duplessis

Program Manager - Info-Santé
Patty Ferraresi

Program Manager - Child-family-youth CLSC Métro and Parc-Extention and regional files
Audrey Gaboury

Program Manager - FMG
Marie-Christine Gras

Program Manager - FMG
Anthonie Grondin

Program Manager - GMF-U Herzl
Mina Ladores

Program Manager - Child-family-youth Côte-des-Neiges et Maisons bleues
Cristiana Anghelescu

Program Leader - Info-Santé, Associate Nursing and Medical Guard and Auxiliary Guard in Health and Social Services
Geneviève Bérard

Program Manager - CAP General Services CLSC de Benny Farm
Giovanni Miliani

Program Manager - General Services CLSC Métro and René-Cassin
Boramey Pech

Program Manager - GMF-U Village Santé
Bernadette Thibodeau

Program Manager - General Services CLSC de Côte-des-Neiges
Maryse Tremblay

Program Manager - Child-Family-Youth Cavendish and CIUSSS Youth in Need
Elliot Zeiniker

Program Manager - Info-Santé - Intérim
Patty Ferraresi

Program Manager - GMF-U Herzl

Senior Advisor - PRAIDA and Partnership
Alexis Jobin-Théberge

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