Green initiatives

A Sustainable Development Committee has been established, consisting of representatives from Technical Services, Human Resources, Communications, Legal Affairs and Global Security, Logistics, Information Resources, Nursing and a physician from the Jewish General Hospital.

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Taking the environment to heart, one pacemaker at a time

When it comes to helping the environment, the staff in Cardiology at the Jewish General Hospital take the task to heart: They’ve begun recycling pacemaker batteries.

In a new initiative, batteries that have reached the end of their lifespan are being recovered instead of discarded. In April, a box filled with dozens of used pacemaker batteries was delivered to a metal recycler; the sums received in return will be placed in a Green Fund at CIUSSS West-Central Montreal.

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The MAB site of the Lethbridge-Layton-Mackay Rehabilitation Centre has created a professionally developed therapeutic garden for patients with mobility impairments. Lettuce, tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, herbs and other vegetables are tended by seniors at the Visually Impaired Day Centre and by clients in the Chronic Pain Self-Management Program. Therapists work with clients as part of their therapy, guiding them to distinguish between what is ripe and what is not. They are also coached in maintaining proper ergonomic form as they garden while standing or in a wheelchair. This innovative project is funded by the Habilitas Foundation, among others.




Major tree-planting on JGH grounds
The warm weather in 2021 late fall recently made it possible to plant about 60 trees at the JGH. This was done through a partnership between the Technical Services Team and Soverdi, a non-profit organization specializing in green initiatives. The tree-planting, combined with the JGH's energy-efficiency project, will reduce the site's carbon footprint, combat the heat-island effect, and promote air quality and the public’s health.

Managing waste materials
The management of waste materials, particularly at the Jewish General Hospital, was initially made a priority by our CIUSSS. Since then, all of our facilities have implemented an approach that favours and supports environmentally sustainable development. Moreover, our CIUSSS promotes the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle, recover) in its waste management.

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Our CIUSSS has formalized its procedures for recycling hazardous materials (batteries, paint, neon lights, furniture, etc.). Over the next few months, the Jewish General Hospital will also be hosting a team of interns as part of a work-experience program on managing waste materials. The trainees will be CIUSSS clients, supervised by the Rehabilitation and Multidisciplinary Services Directorate. This work-experience program, inspired by other healthcare institutions and supported by Emploi Québec, will have a positive impact on the health and well-being of users. It will provide a safe and pleasant work environment and will allow the interns to acquire skills that promote employability and increase the volume of recycled materials in the hospital.

Telehealth is part of our transition to a more accessible and sustainable future. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, hundreds (possibly even thousands) of appointments have been made online. By enabling healthcare users to avoid travelling to our facilities, telehealth has reduced greenhouse gas emissions. It has also reduced the use of personal protective equipment (gloves, jackets, and masks) that would otherwise have ended up in the garbage. This was notably the case with the use of Microsoft's HoloLense technology.

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Electric recharging stations
Sixteen electric recharging stations are available in the parking lot of the Jewish General Hospital, and two can be found at the Benny Farm CLSC.

Facilities for cyclists
Our CIUSSS has:

  • 150 bicycle spots at the Jewish General Hospital
  • 30 bicycle spots at the Richardson Hospital, CLSC de Parc-Extension, Constance-Lethbridge site and at the Father Dowd, Saint Andrew and Saint Margaret Residential centres
  • Bicycle racks at the Catherine Booth Hospital and the Mackay site
  • A fenced and secure space for bicycles at the MAB site
  • A bike room on the 4th floor of CLSC Métro
  • Showers and lockers in other CLSCs in our area

Bike-sharing program

A fleet of 13 bicycles is available to employees of the Parc-Extension and Métro CLSCs, as well as the Plaza site, for their professional trips. This service is greatly appreciated, because it combines business with pleasure. Sometimes it is even faster than other modes of transportation for travelling to clients' homes. Since the launch of this program in 2006, 5,521 loans have been arranged, with an average of 368 loans per year.

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The CIUSSS staff members are invited to consult the Employees' Corner for more information on the bike-sharing program.


In fall 2022, the BIXI electric recharging station was installed on the grounds of the Jewish General Hospital.

Each year, our CIUSSS offers its employees a reduced rate for an annual corporate subscription to BIXI bikes. The CIUSSS staff members are invited to consult the Employees' Corner for more information on the 2023 BIXI subscription.


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