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About the Research Review Office

Active since 2016, the Research Review Office (RRO), is the gateway for researchers operating within the CIUSSS du Centre-Ouest-de-l'Île-de-Montréal as it pertains scientific, ethical and institutional feasibility of their projects in order to carry out research in its sites and/or in other establishments of the Réseau de la santé et des services sociaux. The RRO provides support for two research ethics subcommittees (biomedical and psychosocial), coordinates the review of institutional feasibility, and ensures liaison and coordination with the Personne Mandaté by the establishment (PM) to authorize research. It supports the recruitment and mobilization of REC (Research Ethics Committee) members, the conduct of their meetings and works with research teams in the preparation of their projects for evaluation. The RRO also offers training, specifically on the Nagano platform (the platform for submitting research projects for review) for research teams and members of research ethics committees.

    Research Review Office Team

    Kathleen Blagrave - Team leader
    Research Ethics Specialist, Medical Biomedical Research Ethics Committee

    Giordano Bonacci
    Administrative Agent, Research Review Office
    514-340-8222, local 22445

    Serina Giagnotti
    Administrative Technician – Feasibility, Research Review Office

    Linda Furlini, Ph.D.
    Research Ethics Specialist

    Chantal Lefebvre, M.Sc.  
    Research Ethics Specialist

    Marissa Marra (on leave)
    Research Ethics Specialist, Medical Biomedical Research Ethics Committee   

    Rosine Tchatchoua-Djomo, M.Sc.  
    Research Ethics Specialist, Psychosocial Research Ethics Committee

    Contact Info
    CIUSSS West-Central Montreal
    Jewish General Hospital, A-903
    3755, Chemin de la Côte-Sainte-Catherine
    Montreal (Quebec) H3T 1E2
    514-340-8222, local 22445

    To access the Nagano platform, please go to :

    • For information regarding the Research Ethics review or for access to Nagano, please contact: 
    • For information on the Feasibility Review process, please contact : 


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