Technical Services

Director of Technical Services
Georges Bendavid

Associate Director of Technical Services
Michael Boudana

Coordinator - Physical Facilities

Housekeeping Coordinator
Tony Nappi

Coordinator - Strategic Planning and Projects
Julie Vaillant

Chief of Housekeeping, Sector B
Brian Bick

Chief of Planning
Yael Harroche

Chief of Physical Facilities, Sector C
Vivian Magini

Chief of Laundry and Lingerie
Jacob Maman

Chief of Physical Facilities, Sector B
Luc Massey

Chief of Housekeeping, Sector C
Gabrielle Mustillo

Chief of  Physical Facilities, Jewish General Hospital Thermal Power Plant
Brandon Sant

Chief of Project Group
James Shapiro

Chief of Physical Facilities, Sector A
Stephan Simioni

Chief of Housekeeping, Sector A
Anthony Turi

Section Chief of Housekeeping, Sector A
Jean-Pierre DaSilva

Section Chief of Housekeeping, Sector A
Danielle Desrochers

Section Chief of Hygiene and Cleanliness Enviro Service
Daniele Di Massimo

Section Chief of Physical Facilities
Angelo Genovesi

Section Chief of Housekeeping, Sector A
John Krowicki

Section Chief of Housekeeping, Sector B
Eric New

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