Institutional Feasibility

The Feasibility Committee

The mandate of the Feasibility Committee is to ensure that each installation of the CIUSSS-CODIM involved in a study is aware of the project and support research regarding the available material and human resources on site. This decision should be based on the resources available for the conduct of the study.

Researcher-Initiated Feasibility 

We always suggest that researchers take the first steps with the departments or programs in which the research will take place to discuss the resources needed to achieve the objectives of the study. When this "Researcher-Initiated Feasibility" process is adopted, the researcher can obtain a support letter directly from the department head, which can shorten the waiting time for a Final Approval from the committee.

Feasibility information can directly be inserted in your NAGANO online submission form, as there are questions pertaining directly to Feasibility within the form.

Furthermore, department or program support letters can also be directly uploaded via the NAGANO main submission form.

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See the   multicenter mechanism in the case of a project that will take place in several centers in Quebec.


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