Rehabilitation and Multidisciplinary Services

Director of Rehabilitation and Multidisciplinary Services
Mary Lattas

Associate Director of Rehabilitation and Multidisciplinary Services
Filomena Novello

Associate Director of DP-DI-TSA Rehabilitation and Multidisciplinary Services
Michèle Bleau

Assistant to the Director, Professional Practice and Telehealth
Gina Mills

Assistant to the Director, Alternative Level of Care, Trajectory of Services and Transversal Mandates
Suzette Chung

Coordinator, Rehabilitation at Jewish General Hospital and Mount Sinai Hospital, Cardiac Rehabilitation
Suzanne Leroux

Coordinator, Physical Health, Catherine Booth Hospital, Home Rehabilitation URTF
Thu-Hanh Ngo Nguyen

Coordinator, Social Services, Rehabilitation in CHSLDs and SAT
Mark Demaine

Coordinator, Nursing in Rehabilitation
Sharon O'Grady

Coordinator, Motor Disability - Adults, Richardson Hospital
Nancy Cox

Coordinator - Motor Disability - Adults, Constance-Lethbridge site (Lethbridge-Layton-Mackay Rehabilitation Centre)
Nancy Cox

Coordinator, Rehabilitation, Physical Disability - MAB and Mackay sites (Lethbridge-Layton-Mackay Rehabilitation Centre)
Katerine Tremblay

Coordinator, Residential and Community Integration Services (Miriam Home and Services)
Joanna Broadhurst

Coordinator, Rehabilitation Services (Miriam Home and Services)
Shari Joseph

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