Rehabilitation and Multidisciplinary Services

Director of Rehabilitation and Multidisciplinary Services
Mary Lattas

Interim Associate Director of Rehabilitation
Filomena Novello

Associate Director of Multidisciplinary Services


Rehabilitation Coordinator - MAB and Mackay sites (Lethbridge-Layton-Mackay Rehabilitation Centre)
Interim Chief of Program Administration - Admissions, Assessment and Orientation (Intellectual Disability, Physical Disability and Autism Spectrum Disorder)
Luc Aucoin

Rehabilitation Coordinator - Residential and Community Integration Services (Miriam Home and Services)
Joanna Broadhurst

Rehabilitation Coordinator - Constance-Lethbridge site (Lethbridge-Layton-Mackay Rehabilitation Centre) and Richardson Hospital
Nancy Cox

Rehabilitation Coordinator - Physical Health (Catherine-Booth and Richardson Hospitals, de la Montagne and Cavendish sites, and long-term care centres)
Nathalie Farley

Rehabilitation Coordinator - Clinical Services (Miriam Home and Services)
Shari Joseph

Interim Chief of Program Administration - Sensorial Disabilities 25 Years and Older Program, Day Centre
Martin Bergevin

Chief of Program Administration - Family Support (Intellectual Disability, Autism Spectrum Disorder and Physical Disability)

Chief of Program Administration - Intensive Functional Rehabilitation, Neurology (Constance-Lethbridge site of Lethbridge-Layton-Mackay Rehabilitation Centre and Richardson Hospital)
Diana Chin

Chief of Program Administration - 8-21 years old Program, Multidisciplinary Clinics (Mackay site, Lethbridge-Layton-Mackay)
Isabelle Cormier

Chief of Program Administration - Intensive Functional Rehabilitation, MSK, Acute Care and Geriatrics (Catherine-Booth and Richardson Hospitals)
Catalina Estevez

Chief of Program Administration - Children and Adolescent Services (Miriam Home and Services)
Wendy Fairhurst

Chief of Program Administration - Rehabilitation Program in Specialized Schools (Philip E. Layton and Mackay Centre Schools, Lethbridge-Layton-Mackay)
Alison Leduc

Chief of Program Administration, Community Integration Program (Miriam Home and Services)
Chantal Forget

Chief of Program Administration - Home Rehabilitation Services, Transitional Functional Recovery Unit, Intermediate Resources (de la Montagne and Cavendish sites)
Suzanne Leroux

Chief of Program Administration - Adaptation-Readaptation Services, Adult Clinical Services (Miriam Home and Services)
Marisa Mastrocola

Program Administration Manager - Retention Rehabilitation in Long-Term Care Centres
Silvana Mauro

Chief of Program Administration - Home Rehabilitation Services, Transitional Functional Recovery Unit, Intermediate Resources (de la Montagne and Cavendish sites)
Martin Pelchat

Interim Chief of Program Administration - Traumatic Brain Injury
Marie-Claude Saindon

Chief of Program Administration - Integration, Intensive Residential Care (IRC), Severe Behavioural Disorders
Sean Stirrup

Chief of Program Administration - 0-7 years old Program (Mackay site, Lethbridge-Layton-Mackay)
Katerine Tremblay

Chief of Program Administration - Neuromusculoskeletal Program
Natacha Viens

Chief of Program Administration - Residential Integration (Continuous Assistance Residences, Intermediate Resources, Family Type Resources)
Chris Wilson

Multidisciplinary Services component

Coordinator - Clinical Services Support

Coordinator - Social Services and Professional Practice
Maxine Lithwick

Coordinator - Hospital Rehabilitation and Technical Aids Service (Motor Impairment)
Filomena Novello

Coordinator - Diagnostic and Therapeutic Services
Toulas Trihas

Chief of Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics
Robert Apardian

Chief of Food Services
Moshe Banon

Chief of Radiation Oncology
Kathleen Belley

Chief of Electrophysiology
Marie-Josée Blais

Chief of Social Work
Arleyne Coombs

Chief of Food Services
Anastasia Dimitrakopoulos

Chief of Food Services
Georgia Graphos

Chief of Occupational Therapy
Deborah Kadoch

Chief of Physiotherapy
Sherry Katz

Chief of Nuclear Medicine
Audrey Lapierre

Chief of Reprocessing of Medical Devices
Chantel Lattimore-Durant

Chief of Radiology
Éric Leclerc

Chief of Food Services
Caroline Lussier

Chief of Technical Aids Support
Philippe Massicotte

Chief of Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology
Gina Mills

Chief of Radiology
Étienne Nikiema

Chief of Radiology and Anesthesia
Demi Papapanagioto

Chief of Clinical Nutrition
Donna Schafer

Chief of Inhalotherapy (Jewish General Hospital and Mount Sinai Hospital)
Evangelia Spiropoulos

Senior Advisor - Professional Practice, Technicians and Health Professionals
Jacinthe Lavergne

Senior Advisor - Psychosocial Professional Practice
Annick Simard

Senior Advisor - Professional Practice Rehabilitation
Dallas Warren

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