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Respect, one of the guiding values of the CIUSSS West-Central Montreal, is at the core of all positive interactions between our staff and users. At the heart of every act of respect lie the understanding, compassion and regard for one another that are integral to quality care.

In 2015, as part of the reform of the Quebec healthcare system, the CIUSSS West-Central Montreal was established. The employees of the CIUSSS have remained committed, since its inception, to providing an exceptional experience in each user’s journey of care. Through countless interactions between health- and social-service professionals and the users within our facilities, it was apparent that the most fruitful relationships are those based on mutual respect. It is therefore vital that the environment in which we work and care for users reflect this value. It was in this vein that the respect campaign emerged.

The campaign was founded on the principles set forth in the Mission and Values Statements and Code of Ethics Framework. Although we encourage staff to embrace our philosophy as a means of offering quality care, we recognize that respect is reciprocal. For this reason, we stand by the slogan “Respect, it’s yours to give.” 

To kick off the campaign, a Respect Committee was formed, composed of staff from various areas of the organization as well as members from Users’ Committees, who represent the users we serve. As part of the committee’s mandate, its members are involved in conceptualizing and organizing training sessions for staff that centre around the theme of respect. 

For more information on the history of this campaign, click here.

Watch the video below to see staff and patient-partners of our healthcare network express their interpretation of respect and what it means to them!

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