Library Services

The CIUSSS West-Central Montreal’s library services have the mandate to facilitate access to scientific literature on health, social sciences and rehabilitation for professionals, researchers, trainees/interns and patients at its various institutions.

The library services have extensive collections of monographs, periodicals, audiovisual materials and government publications that enable its users to develop and update their knowledge in order to ensure the highest quality of services to the population.

The CIUSSS has several libraries and documentation centers on multiple sites, specialized in various topics such as:

Libraries and Documentation centers’ staff provides information and support to professionals, trainees/interns and patients in their search for evidence-based information about care and services, teaching and research. 

The services offered may differ from one point of service to another: 

  • Access to online resources including databases & tools 
  • On-site consultation and loans
  • Support with and instruction on scientific databases, search engines and bibliographic citation management tools
  • Support with and instruction for Systematic Reviews & Knowledge Synthesis
  • Instruction and guidance to create effective patient & family education materials
  • Advice role on copyright and intellectual property
  • Assignment of ISBN numbers and legal deposit of official publications for the institution 
  • Book purchase and subscription to journals
  • Study areas with computers, Internet access and photocopiers

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