Academic Affairs

Director of Academic Affairs
Cindy Starnino

Assistant to the Director of Academic Affairs (medical education, audio-visual, outreach of the university mission, transfer of transversal knowledge)
Geneviève Lamy

Assistant to the Director of Academic Affairs (university, college and other (except medical) education, library, accreditation link, learning environment)
Moira MacDonald

Coordinator (research, research privileges, assessment of technologies and methods of intervention in health and social services, cutting-edge practices, designations university institute (UI) and affiliated university centre (AUC), ministerial mandates)
Christiane Montpetit

Chiefs of Program Administration (CREGÉS AUC and Maimonides)
Maya Cerda

Chiefs of Program Administration (SHERPA UI and CRIR)
Serge Maynard

Chief of Research Review Office (RRO)

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