REC members

Our REC is comprised of two committees:

Member Training:

All members are required to complete the following training programs and send a copy of the certificates of completion for each completed training program to the Research Review Office (RRO). Members are also asked to inform the RRO of any additional continuing education activities or research activities they have attained as well so that an accurate record of members training is can be retained by our office.

  •  The TCPS 2 Tutorial: Course on Research Ethics (CORE)
    CORE provides an applied approach to the guidance provided in TCPS 2. This self-paced course is a media-rich learning experience that features interactive exercises and multi-disciplinary examples. CORE consists of eight modules ranging from Core Principles to REB Review. It is designed primarily for the use of researchers and REC members – though anyone may take this course and print their own certificate of completion.
  •  Tutorial in Research Ethics (offered by the ministère de la santé et des services sociaux)
    Launched in 2005, and revised in 2012, this online tutorial was developed specifically for research ethics board (REB) members and support staffs who work in the institutions of the Quebec health and social services network. While the online tutorial deals with numerous pertinent national- and international-level issues and texts in the regulation of ethical research, it focuses on those issues and texts that are of particular concern in the Quebec context.

Important Documents for Research Ethics Review:

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